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broadcast uk consists mainly of broadcasting prerecorded images which, until recently, were stored on tapes. However linear editing (or editing on tape) is being replaced by digital media or non-linear editing. Digital technology on hard disk (non-linear, by definition) is the common alternative. There has been clear confirmation of a migration towards this technology for some years. Television stations began migrating to tapeless computer platforms beginning in the late 1990s. Video recorders are rarely used nowadays for live productions.

Look for High resin content sealers for your block paving

ProSeal Resinblock is a block Paving Sealant and is aPolyurethane resin. A true commercial resin with exceptional wear, chemical and fuel resistant qualities. It needs more care in application than the Acrylics & MMAs but results are fantastic. When looking for a block paving sealing this is probably your best choice.

Metal curtain poles

Soft furnishings can be a tricky term. In the case of metal curtain poles the "soft" refers to the curtains rather than the poles. There are many makers, which means they come in a great variety. You can obtain them withmatching rings and ball-end finials and are available in a range of finishes: polished brass effect, antique brass effect, satin steel effect, black nickel effect, matt black, bronze and ivory gold effect. When making the emasurements the sizes exclude finials. Usually they are easy to cut to width with a hack saw and if you choose adjustable brackets more flexability is provided. Holdbacks are a good way to finish with a florish.Metal curtain poles short

Charter Boats in Scotland

Not only does Scotland have hundreds of isles, islands and kilometers of coastline but it also has many charter sailing boats to accompany. As a novice or an expert, sailing boats are expensive. Chartering a sailing boat scotland through experienced sailors allows anyone to have the opportunity to see the vast maritime sceneries.

Ways to Get Rid of Nits

Meet The Hairforce. We are a highly skilled team of Lice Assassins who can eliminate your lice problem, no problem. We are equipped with LiceMiester combs, lice hoovers, daylight bulbs, magnifying visors, plus a crucial streak of ruthlessness to get rid of nits.



Tony Hill`s Fiction



In the beginning

Tony Hill formed the seminal cult psychedelic/jazz/prog/hard rock band High Tide back in 1969 after playing with David Jones (Bowie) in a band called Torquoise. Tony left after about 9 months and formed High Tide with Simon House (violin), Pete Pavli (bass) and Roger Hadden (drums). The main problem with High Tide was they were a bit before their time and it seems that the world wasn't quite ready for the fuzz drenched, guitar 'n' violin progressesive onslaught that High Tide produced. But Tony's career goes back a little further than that....

His first band to release a single was The Answers in 1964 which Tony wrote (Just a fear) and has become a freak-beat classic among collectors. Tony went onto join U.S. garage noise merchants The Misunderstood who under different circumstances could of been huge. The band also featured Glen Ross Campbell who went on to form Jucy Lucy. Due to legal problems and other members of the band being drafted into the U.S. army, the band fell apart



High Tide

At this point Tony went onto form High Tide. Sadly, High Tide officially only last for a couple of years after releasing two highly critical albums, 'Sea Shanties' and 'High Tide' on the Liberty/UA label. The band was made up by Tony on Guitar and Vocals, Pete Pavli - Bass, Simon House - Violin and Roger Hadden - Drums. There are many reasons why the band fell apart which I won't go into now but it is safe to say Tony and High Tide left a permanent mark on the genre of music we all call Prog/Psyche and Stoner (to a certain degree).


Fiction (Latin: fictum, "created") is any form of narrative which deals, in part or in whole, with events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary and invented by its author(s). Although fiction often describes a major branch of literary work, it is also applied to theatrical, cinematic, documental, and musical work. In contrast to this is non-fiction, which deals exclusively in factual events (e.g.: biographies, histories). Semi-fiction is fiction implementing a great deal of non-fiction, e.g. a fictional description based on a true story.

Plot, or storyline, is often listed as one of the fundamental elements of fiction. It is the rendering and ordering of the events and actions of a story. On a micro level, plot consists of action and reaction, also referred to as stimulus and response. On a macro level, plot has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Plot is often depicted as an arc with a zig-zag line to represent the rise and fall of action. Plot also has a mid-level structure: scene and sequel. A scene is a unit of drama-where the action occurs. Then, after a transition of some sort, comes the sequel-an emotional reaction and regrouping, an aftermath.